Aranya and The Pixies Mastery in this Lifetime

Aranya and
The Pixies

Aranya channeled by Sara SchurrAranya here. So what do you want to talk about? That was the trademark way that I always began my sessions with you so it seems only fair to start that way here. You want to talk about me? Ahhh, yes a favorite topic!

I am an ascended master. What does that mean? I means I had many many lifetimes in a body and finally figured out that I was not my body, I was not my ego, I was not anything at all that I thought I was. Instead I realized I was the everything that is nothing. The nothing that is the heart of being and that everything is that and yet it insists most of the time it is not. It was a long process. I was very attached to the idea of being wise and enlightened and that was the biggest barrier to actually be wise or enlightened. One must be willing to let go of all attachment to what you think you are. You must no longer see yourself as a you or an I or a someone or an anyone. I greatly enjoyed being an I and so it was a long process.

Now, I masquerade as an entity when I know that I am not. Now, I speak through beings and call myself this name or that, knowing all the time I am not the one I say I am and in fact am not anyone at all. I speak about enlightenment knowing that no one can speak about it and no one can understand it because it really doesn't exist. Awakening is simply the process of coming to realize that there is no where to go and nothing to learn and nothing to pay and nothing to do. You can not truly help anyone become enlightened. I know this. And so for years I spoke through Sara to provide entertainment while you were all waiting to get ripe. When you are ripe, it all becomes clear.

Aranya channeled by Sara SchurrI like to say that I am a cosmic gardener. I plant ideas like seeds and wait for them to germinate. Sometimes the light goes off right away and you go OHHHHH! And that is fun. And sometimes the seed sits dormant for decades until just the right conditions in your life occur and the seed takes root and you go OHHHHHH! It has nothing to do with me. I do not make the conditions. I do not even make the words or the concepts. I just bring them into the garden that is your life and scatter them about.

There is no purpose in what I do. I like to talk. I like to watch the lights go on in your faces. And so I speak. I know you do not need to become enlightened. I know you are fine just the way you are. There is nothing broken here. There is nothing missing here. We are all whole. Some of us know we don't exist and play at it. Everyone else really believes they are real and we are real when in fact nothing is real. I am an illusion. You are an illusion. The only difference between us is that I know it and you still think there is somehow a distinction between real and illusion. There isn't one. This is just an example of how you have everything upside down and inside out.

You all want to go 'home.' You think there is somewhere to go. There isn't. You're already there but you think you are lost so you are on the path to this place you call home. You just have your eyes closed and so you think you have a long way to go.

You all are seeking TRUTH with a capital T. There is none. There are no absolutes, there are no facts, there are no secrets to the universe to uncover, except that there aren't any. And still you look and you ask.

Aranya channeled by Sara SchurrWith this kind of point of view people wonder why in the world I even speak. I enjoy it. I answer my phone. People ask for help and I answer knowing all the while that I really can't help except to answer and help you see that you have all the answers inside of you and that you don't need to ask anyone but yourself.

I have spent thousands of your years doing this. I have been the voice of many oracles, many prophets. I always use a different alias. That avoids confusion. So do not go looking out there in the world for a new Aranya channel. You won't find one. A channeled entity comes forth as an interface between an energy/entity and the channel. The two combined produce 'someone' who is bound to be different no matter how hard the channel works to be clear and not affect the process. We use their body; we use their vocabulary, their history, their language. Of course they affect the process.

And you must remember, they don't exist either. It's all a dream. I am not separate from Sara. Sara is not separate from me or from anyone else. You are not separate from me. I know that. Sara, though she heard me say it for 12 years never really understood that until later. And some days still she doesn't get it and others it is as clear as a bell. That is a joy to me, to see her see that and know we are not separable and that all that energy she put in to keep out of the way was a joke.

Look deep within yourself. Look for the quiet still place, the point of light at the center of your being. Breath deeply into it and open to it and allow yourself to turn inside out and no longer be somebody and instead simply to be.

I bid you good evening and Adieu.

Aranya is the author of A Journey to The Center: A guidebook to enlightenment.