Aranya and The Pixies Mastery in this Lifetime

Aranya and
The Pixies

The Pixies are a group of seven entities that were channeled by Sara Schurr. They have a light hearted style that has brought them their name and they are very capable of tackling the most difficult subjects with clarity, depth and laughter. Here they are!

Aranya channeled by Sara Schurr Aranya, an ascended master and unofficial leader of the Pixies, is the author of A   and was a regular contributor to Spirit Speaks magazine. He has a wry sense of humor and is very wise. He will tackle any topic gladly and loves to talk.

Harmony channeled by Sara SchurrHarmony, a light being or angel, has a childlike beguiling persona and the ability to cut to the heart of any issue like a flaming sword through butter. She especially likes to address the creation of nature on the planet and our ability to manifest.

Melody channeled by Sara SchurrMelody, a light being or angel, is known as the staff psychologist. She has a quiet penetrating style in which her ability to work with human inter-relationships shines. She especially likes to discuss judgment and forgiveness in our lives. She introduced the idea of First Judgment to us.

Symphony channeled by Sara SchurrSymphony, the third light being or angel, has a somewhat gruff persona and he easily tackles issues that people have resistance to. He likes to address the balance of the universe, the nature of thought and the mind of God.

Hon Sone Lee channeled by Sara SchurrHon Sone Lee, a fifth density being, has a physical body like ours but lives in a density where there is space but no time, judgment or limitations. He enjoys talking about our relationship to the planet and to our bodies and about the flow and use of energy.

Symbala channeled by Sara SchurrSymbala, another ascended master, is a kind, very soft spoken warrior. He sees life as a dance and enjoys talking about the lonely process of enlightenment and about healing at all levels.

Ramana channeled by Sara SchurrRamana,a cosmic amoeba, is an uncategorizable multi-dimensional, multi-universe being. He has a huge voice and energy field and likes to stretch minds like rubber bands. He enjoys discussing parallel universes, circular logic, chaos theory, and the universe as a hologram.